The Florida Biodiversity Foundation seeks to fulfill its mission through supporting numerous partnerships and projects that focus on environmental issues in Florida and also the world abroad. One way that the Foundation approaches the task of understanding, preserving, and interpreting subjects of interest is through helping to build permanent records and collections of living things with video and photographic documentation.

Additionally, great emphasis is placed on field expeditions. One of the foremost examples of the Foundation's involvement in international projects is field work targeting the migration of the Monarch butterfly between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Though the Monarch and the Miami Blue have both been the recent foci of the Foundation's field work, the Foundation is extending its expertise and support to needs beyond Lepidoptera, including other invertebrates as well as birds, plants, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. The Foundation is also working with other institutional partners to fund field stations and to preserve conservation reserves and imperiled habitat areas.

The Florida Biodiversity Foundation is aware of the importance of preserving Florida's natural resources, living and nonliving, and not only because these resources generate billions of dollars every year to Florida's economy. With so many plants, animals, and locations in need of support, the Florida Biodiversity Foundation also recognizes the benefits of bringing outside experts such as scientists and researchers to Florida and, as a result, boosting education here and elsewhere.